Helping Hands: A Note about Giving Back

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Today, I’m releasing a book called Secrets Don’t Make Friends. Along with being a thriller, a suspense, and a story about friendship, the book is about not only getting free from an abusive relationship, but how difficult it can be to navigate the world after one does.

I know this topic is sensitive, and I know it’s touched more women and children and families than it should. Abuse, whether psychological, emotional, verbal, or physical, makes people feel hopeless. It makes them so afraid to move that they believe there’s nowhere to go. That there’s no way out.

No one should feel like that, but also, it shouldn’t be true. When a person gets up the courage to flee, they should always have somewhere to go. That is why, with the release of this book, I plan to donate $100 to Hope House, a local Kansas City shelter that provides amazing services to my community.

Below is the trailer for Secrets Don’t Make Friends (yay, film degree!). I have decided that if I get 500 shares of the video, I will up my donation to $250. My good friend (and NYT Bestselling Author) Denise Grover Swank, has agreed to match that amount if our shares get over 1000.

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So, shortcut:

I donate $100 today because I want to, and it’s a good cause and a good time to give back.

This video gets 500 shares, I donate another $150.

This video gets 1000 shares, Denise donates $250 of her own.

Can we do it!! I think we can!

Here’s the link to the video, in case you’re not YouTube savvy. Thank you, little june bugs, for reading. As always.


Lyla Payne